Purpose & mission

Tessagen Transformations provides clients with an exceptional transformation experience, guiding clients individually or as larger groups to be holistic in nature. This goes a long way toward solving alignment and sustainment problems, which account for the ~97% failure rate in improvement endeavors.

A common cause of lacking continuous improvement sustainment has roots in implementing the Toyota Production System (aka lean) while missing some key features of Japanese culture. Total conversion into a Japanese-style company is not necessary, but the spectrum of development complexity within an organization or within oneself is the true limiting factor to transformation success.

Tessagen Transformations offers comprehensive coaching and adult education to navigate transformations for individuals and groups of virtually any size. This differs significantly from the transformation and consulting services currently provided worldwide. Only a few coaches, and even fewer consultants in the world offer even a partial solution to developmental complexity progression, and hence are missing the majority of actual impact on human enterprises.

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Values & philosophy

Tessagen comes from combining tessellate (creating a mosaic whole from various parts), and generate (to cause or come about under one’s own power). The transforming or unleashing of the combined efforts in an human endeavor requires this coming about from various contributors, inclusion of the world around this endeavor, and centrally being able to bring each individual, in their entirety, to be present and authentically engaged.

Leading through a change that has cultural and behavioral dimensions can be daunting. Tessagen Transformations collaborates on an individual and group basis to bring together these separated parts to generate a new, mosaic whole. The past that successfully brought you to the present moment will be honored while simultaneously transcending into what you want to become.