Voice of Customer (VOC) about long lead times led to comprehensive process improvement in parts business to dramatically increase speed from customer order to fulfillment.


  • Conducted an enterprise gemba walk with executive team to define the entire, in-house value add process.
  • Utilize best practice lean tools to create sustainable behavior patterns and time efficient office processes.
  • Create visually explicit environment with high involvement throughout the value-add process as well as vertically within the organizational management.


  • Create lean office cell for order processing.
  • Utilize takt alignment measured twice a day to increase reactivity to customers.
  • Advance to handle customer demand variability and order complexity utilizing hanedashi concepts.


  • Lead time improvement of 300% for 95% of volume. Featured on, May 27, 2013.
  • Robust multi-discipline cell met VOC requirements 72% of the time, now comparable with competition. All while handling an unusual 50% personnel turnover.