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How To Find Your Motivation Without A Team

By May 22, 2016May 27th, 2016Integral in Action, Updates

Get Motivated Without Your Team

In this coaching series we’re looking at how to get motivated and stop procrastinating to deliver something on your own, especially when you do your best work collaboratively. This is especially critical when you are asked to lead into the unknown and then take the group with you. In these situations, it isn’t necessarily the best first move to try collaborating as it tends to be a collection of opinions unless the group is highly skilled together in doing this type of work.

So if you find yourself in this situation and are particularly unmotivated or are procrastinating, check out the videos and read on, because this entire series was done with you in mind.

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Start With A Free Foundation Practice

Coaching through a challenge is greatly aided by laying a foundation with a good practice that you can rely on as you go forward. In this case, the free foundation practice relies on 3 concepts talked about in the video in greater depth:

  1. You thrive on feedback, and that starts with a signal
  2. You can fill in the unknown with richness
  3. Resonance vs. imagination

In your free practice, these ideas are tied together into a convenient and compact practice so you can gain skill and access to motivation regardless of your external situation.

How To Set A Vision On Your Own

For some, setting a vision is done best as a solo activity. However, if you thrive in team environment, being asked to set the team vision on your own may pose a steep challenge. In fact, if you find yourself stuck or procrastinating, you may need a slightly different way to look at this task.

In the video I go over 3 ideas that might get things moving for you:

  1. Your team input is available to you without your team
  2. Procrastination is a sign of fear
  3. Reconnect with your passion by reducing fear & stress

Watch the video and see how these may be connected together for you and what to do about it.

Deep Dive: Where’s My Vision Without My Muse?

You may be struggling more than you anticipated with setting the vision than you thought you would. This deep dive might shed light on some subtle elements getting in your way.

Start Small: Just Add Your Voice Into The Collective

Many times just getting started is the most difficult step. From there, things often flow on their own. Breaking the task into an even smaller step might get you moving again.

Consider taking a small step that just gets your own, personal voice out there to the group on the task at hand, be it a vision, a marketing plan, or any other creative task where you are taking the leadership role, particularly when this style is out of the norm for you.

Remember, You Have The Best Vantage For Everyone

If you are struggling to start on this type of leadership task, it may surprise you that you are probably in the best position to lead the team. The fact that it is difficult for you to get started means you are likely quite good at getting everyone to align and pull in the same direction. Your style works best when you have something to start with. However, you already have a good sense of the team as a natural talent. You’re just having trouble accessing at the moment.

Compromise May Not Be The Best Path

Again, if you’ve made it this far, you probably have a style that is great at bringing people together into agreement. However, when leading into the unknown, be aware of the time wasting trap of working with peoples’ opinions rather than actually useful input to shape the leadership path.

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How To Help Your Unmotivated Visionary

Perhaps you aren’t the one with the leadership task but someone close to you is, and you want to help them get going. They may be procrastinating badly enough to cause concern that the leadership task isn’t getting done. You can help!

In the video I share 3 ideas to help this friend, loved one, colleague or direct report step into their leadership role and get this task done:

  1. Ask for feedback to help get them going
  2. Ask what you can try, so as to test their leadership position
  3. Start a small, unrelated debate

Done with care and genuine interest in helping this person, these ideas might just get them going. They’re designed to the juices flowing, so to speak, because this person probably just needs to get started and then they’ll be in their leadership flow again.

A Practice To Get You Leading Into The Unknown

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Great effort trying to step into your leadership task! If you’ve made it this far in this post then you are committed to getting this done. Let’s not procrastinate any more! Click here to download your FREE practice. It will help break the stalling, actually get you moving toward completing your task and hopefully get your leadership “mojo” into full swing again.

I encourage you to watch the video AND download the FREE practice to maximize the benefit to you.

Here’s to you crushing it in the unknown!

All my best,

Russell Lindquist, Founder & Principal

Russell is a Certified Integral Professional Coach(TM). I help leaders and entrepreneurs break through plateaus, earn more respect and move on to their next level of success.  80% of my clients take on more responsibility with less stress, more success, and half of them get a promotion or earn more money within 6 months of completing their program.

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