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How to Make Personal Change Stick

By March 9, 2016June 26th, 2016Integral in Action, Updates
How To Make Personal Changes Stick

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So How Do You Make Personal Change Stick?

In the past few months, I have come into some form of this question with clients, articles, and friends. As I thought about it, I had actually figured out a pretty strong system to make sustainable changes in my life. In fact, I set the idea down, thinking it was too simplistic and people wouldn’t be interested in learning about it.

In the end, I decided to throw it out there for people, because talking with former clients I realized they didn’t have all the tools or a SYSTEM to make it all work on their own.

One other thing occurred to me. There were many times I’d do better and rather make my own improvements without a boss, expert, mentor or coach involved. Why? Well sometimes adding a person in the mix of my life was just another stressor that wasn’t going to help me. Also, there were many times where I didn’t need the high power of a coach, just a tweak to get it so I can handle things on my own.

So, it comes down to properly using the 4 Essential Tools For Personal Change in, what I call, the Self-Coach System.

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How To Make Personal Change Stick (overview video)

How To Make Personal Change Stick

Getting familiar with the 4 Essential Tools is important before going deep on each of them. In fact, without a SYSTEM to hook them all together and into your life, they’re likely to just be the next shiny distraction. That won’t move you forward in your personal change.

The personal change loop was a big breakthrough for me and I share it in this video. A simple and effective way to bring the tools into your life to make a shift. Taking the consistent action, as many people know, builds new habits. Sustainable shifts happen when new habits replace old, but that takes some time and consistently living the new habits.

I’ve been using the tools and the loop for myself for over a decade and with clients since 2011.

Video #2: How To Use An Action Journal

How To Use An Action Journal

Taking consistent action is awesome toward building out your change, but mindless action is useless, as is just thinking about how to make a change or why you’re doing things currently.

Finding the balance between reflecting for deeper insights and taking targeted, powerful action makes you effective at your change.

Action Journaling is just such a balance. In this video I walk you through how to use your Action Journal and my best tips that I’ve collected since 2011 when I started using one. This one tool fell into place and really accelerated things for me because of this balance between insight and action.

If you haven’t picked yours up yet, CLICK HERE, to get it on Amazon.

Video #3: Time Management Taking Too Much Time?

Time Management Taking Too Much Time?

Does the thought of time management make your skin crawl? Do you dread it based on past experience? Or perhaps you have another repulsing emotion to the topic? Well, at times I do too.

However, I come back to the time management system I developed because no matter what was going on in my life, it worked. It worked because it was robust, flexible and I can turn parts on or off as I need them. I’m not hemmed in with a rigorous set of rules.

The whole system is efficient, ~10 minutes per week, and here we walk through how to download your goals, daily tasks, and your personal change work. I found leveraging Stephen Covey’s Urgent vs. Important matrix to be simple and effective at a gross level.

Video #4: Time Management: Review & Prioritize

Time Management: Review & Prioritize

So I found that it wasn’t enough to scribble out the Urgent-Important matrix to get things done…well, sometimes it’s all I have time for. That aside, taking 2 more, simple actions boosted my effectiveness.

  1. Take a peek at ALL of my sources of time commitments (Action Journal, calendar, meetings, goal sheets, work targets, etc.)
  2. Prioritize each quadrant in a useful way

Almost without fail, when I put a matrix down on paper to plan my week, I’m taking these extra steps because it makes such a difference in my productivity. I share my best tips and tricks so it can give you a boost as well.

Video #5: Time Management: Schedule & Update

Time Management: Schedule & Update

Here’s the nitty-gritty of time management and where every other system I tried absolutely failed me. The details, as painful as they might be to learn, is where time management stops being a cool concept and actually translates into productivity.

To make your life easier, use the Tessagen Time Management System, if you aren’t already.

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I walk you through all my best tips and techniques for how to effectively schedule your week, especially if you have and on-demand or on-call job (sales, customer service, etc.). This one is loaded with my best information on how to actually operate your life with time management without it being a burden or only working sometimes.

Video #6: Time Management: Your 1% Investment

Time Management: Your 1% Investment

As far as time management goes, if I can’t get an Urgent-Important matrix down on paper for the week, I definitely make my 1% investment daily! I carve out this 15 minute slice to guide and build my intention for the day. I ask myself the half-dozen or so important questions and then answer them honestly. This is THE best way to be the architect of my day no matter how it shapes up.

So the 1% investment is proactive, but I’ll also show you how be better at being reactive to finish off the time management sandwich. Taking on action items mindlessly doesn’t help you or the people relying on you. I layout a simple and powerful way to mindfully take on tasks with greater completion and quality of work.

Video #7: Push Through With Mind-Body Connection

Push Through With Mind-Body Connection

Now with a tailwind of productivity from time management and some skill with an Action Journal (if you haven’t picked yours up, CLICK HERE, to get one on Amazon), you likely need some additional support getting your personal change off the ground.

The first 2-4 weeks is so challenging for most people because you’re altering your habits and, more specifically, rewiring your brain. That takes a lot of extra energy. So where is this going to come from?

In this video I’ll share with you the best ways to rewire your nervous system and the biggest ways you are likely sabotaging your own efforts (hint: your current work-out probably ain’t working for you).

Video #8: Meditation With Technology

Meditation With Technology

Perhaps you’ve heard about how meditation can lower your stress, help you at work and a slew of other really great benefits. You may have tried it, and dare I say, you may be an experienced meditator. Well, as a meditator since 2006, I am no expert and I can’t teach you meditation in a short video.


I can and do share with you how the technology of binaural beats is the most consistent way to get mental calm, clarity, and focus. Even with a lot of hours clocked in meditation, I still use this fairly regularly because it works so well. The benefits of meditation extend way past what I share here, but if you don’t start a simple meditation practice you’ll never achieve those bigger benefits, much less garner the power of that calm, clear, and focused mind toward your day and personal change.

Video #9: Self-Coach System Demo

Self-Coach System Demo

Rounding out and completing this entire course is a compressed demo of how I actually use the entire system in my life. In under 6 minutes you’ll see the whole thing play out over 2 days (Sunday and Monday). So, if you thought parts were not as useful or too difficult, hold back judgement a little longer and see how I implemented it. I hope it will change your mind and perhaps even inspire you!

Do you have to use the whole system or the way I do it?…HECK NO! I just demonstrate A WAY for the system to work in my life. For me, the next best thing to me interacting with a new system is seeing how someone else does it.

And if you need more help than the tools and this course could provide, I encourage you to start a Mini-T with me, risk free with my 30 day, money back guarantee.

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