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Integral Coaching Advantage

By May 21, 2015March 8th, 2016Integral in Action, Updates
Integral Coaching Canada - Integral Professional Coach

Embodied Transformation Integral Coaching Canada™ offers a coaching training program that delivers on the long held promise of the coaching field: to enable deep and lasting change in your clients. Much more than a certificate.

Are you wondering about coaching? Are you thinking about what it can do for you? As an Integral Coach™ working with people who are curious about coaching in general, I stress it is important to work well with your coach; e.g. professional chemistry. Of equal importance is strength of pedigree the coach brings to a client. Most commonly coaches possess experience but not a rigorous and comprehensive certification. My certification through Integral Coaching Canada™ is a powerful platform.

Integral Coaching™ outcomes differ significantly from other coaching forms as well as other improvement modalities like skills training. The big difference is the comprehensive approach using cycles of transformation in a coaching program that are tailored to your unfolding development. It also takes full advantage of all of you in your unique, complex self. Through these cycles of transformation, the changes you long for are embody for deep and lasting impact.

Are you looking for a coach? Are you thinking about it or know someone who is? Call me for a no cost, no obligation 30 minute conversation to see if we can get you traction in what’s most important to you.

Russell Lindquist
Founder, Principal & Integral Coach™
Tessagen Transformations
“Helping people align & thrive”
Integral Coaching Canada - Integral Professional Coach
Russell Lindquist

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