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My Coaching Journey

Coaching Wasn’t In My Plan For Success

(But It Should Have Been!)

My Coaching Journey

So here’s a little background that adds a bit of context to the video of my coaching journey.

My journey is basically one of a history of problem solving. I enjoy solving various types of problems and have done so almost as long as I can remember, even into my childhood. However, things took a turn when the changes I was leading were large enough and significant enough to alter other people’s lives. When that happened, it became a moral crisis for me.

The corporate changes I was making were altering people’s work lives, and in many ways those changes also shifted their home life. For some it was welcomed. However when it wasn’t, it destabilized their lives, and in extreme cases it brought misery to their life. That is NOT what I believed was right and it deeply bothered me that I did that to people.

From there, I searched for ways to avoid this trap. I went through a ton of training, but found those to be more manipulative at worst, and at best prone to manipulation. After several years, I found coaching to help me personally through this struggle, and then it hit me. What could coaching do to help people through changes?

Fast forward to the present. I found that coaching was the most honest and powerful way to help myself and others through the toughest of problems, and it also was supportive and strong at the same time. No coercion or manipulation here. In fact, those elements break the coaching relationship and process pretty fast.

Now that you know me a bit better, I’d like get to know you a bit better and hear what you’re looking for from coaching!

I’d be grateful if you would share what you’re chasing, struggling with, or wanting to accelerate. Please don’t feel compelled to write a novel…just a little more insight into what you ideally want as the result of coaching.

Click HERE to get to the Google Form and share your ideal outcome from coaching!

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