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Professional Coaching Program Makes A Difference

By March 5, 2016March 7th, 2016Integral in Action, Updates

–Before I share a bit about Carol’s program, it’s important I share with you that Carol is not her name. And ethically I won’t share the intimate details of her program or about her. Nonetheless, without violating confidentiality her program demonstrates and is a testament to how coaching can be of powerful service for you.–

The “Carol” Client Case Study

If you get nothing else from Carol’s coaching program, I want you to see how focused attention combined with professional support and a custom structure in a small area can unlock an enormous, positive shift in your life.

Carol’s main outcomes

  1. Top performer at work: Became so effective at work she that got hired away for a promotion and more money
  2. Relationships: Her relationship with her family became a source of happiness instead of stress and chaos
  3. Lifestyle: She reframed her life for a healthier lifestyle she created, liked, and thrived in

Key lessons

  1. Coaching was efficient: she put in about 20 mins/day
  2. Coaching was effective: after our 3rd session, she saw a big shift
  3. Coaching is a high leverage experience: the blocks in one area are usually blocking success and happiness in other parts of your life

Carol’s journey to breakthrough

Carol is a manager. She and her employer thought coaching might help her better handle her growing team and, in general, get her top performer edge back.

Right out of the gates, Carol redirected the focus toward a personal, non-work goal. So, we made this the focus of her program. Over the course of her 3 month program she engaged in a series of practices custom designed to build capability from where she was, to where she could sustainably reach her goal.

We met every 2-3 weeks to review progress, discuss our insights from her practices, and then adjust her program to keep it on course toward her goal.

By our 3rd session, Carol was really taking on the practices regularly and starting to get benefit. That session was pivotal for her program. She took the new practice and modified it on the fly the next day when trying it out…recovering an instinct that made her so effective at work.

2 things standout at this point in her program:

  • As progress was made in her personal goal, the real, happy, and successful Carol reemerged and.
  • Carol’s life aligned in a big way. At work, with her son, with her family, and even people she viewed as her enemy.

In the 4th session, Carol looked different. So much so, I even said something about it and she gushed to relay how things were going so well everywhere in her life. A ton of opportunities had opened up for her, she was taking on MORE responsibility at work AND had more time outside of work.

In our second-to-last session, things started out very serious. We met in her office and she asked me to take a seat and she closed the door with some heaviness. Then she tried her best to contain her excitement about the job offer she had accepted with another organization for more money and the position she’d be chasing for a couple of years. What a shift!

When her program completed she had made quite a few changes in her life but all felt pretty smooth to her and that’s important. However, looking at the before and after Carol, it was nothing short of dramatic. Demeanor, intensity, compassion, weight loss and happiness all were in full swing.

Are you still striving for or struggling with reaching your personal change goal?

Then I invite you to join my free, live coaching workshop every Wednesday at 12:15pm Central. My workshops deliver live content and Q&A. We will work through what you’re up against as best we can.

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I hope to see you there!

All my best,

Russell Lindquist

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