Who is Russell Lindquist?

Russell Lindquist is the founder and principal of Tessagen Transformations. My passion and mission is to transform human enterprises to be more naturally resonant and generative.

Developmental complexity is at the heart of the method used to create a holistic set of solutions moving beyond industrial model thinking and systems. My background in engineering, service, commercial contracts, project management, and continuous improvement in various industries has provided me with a unique and powerful vantage point. In those roles, I was at the epicenter of conflict and transformation. I have worked with the full range of personnel (from C-suite executives to floor operators and everything in between) to improve organizations for nearly a decade.

Q&A With Russell

What do you mean by helping people align and thrive?

I believe most people want to do good things, but need to align so their combined efforts work together rather than cancel out. People thrive when this alignment happens within them or around them and can lead to a very powerful flow state. I help set the conditions and small moves to allow this to emerge.

Why the focus on human development?

Our Westernized style of work and life is quite logical and structured, at least at first glance. However as humans, we aren’t this simple, and I think this mechanistic style is quite limiting. Virtually all humans want to and will develop anyway, yet we typically aren’t tuned into this, nor do we recognize its immense impact on everyone’s life.

Why are you independent instead of inside a company?

I found I can deliver more impact with less compromises by working just outside of the traditional power structure. As an independent coach/consultant, I can have far more candor and be of greater service during times of resistance.

What is your style?

I am a partner in your journey. I hold my clients accountable, but won’t force something that isn’t wanted. Rather, we explore together what you want and what you resist to build capability toward your destination by making more informed choices.

Are you a therapist, consultant, or what?

I am not a therapist, nor am I a counselor. I can develop close relationships with clients because of their deep needs, but I am always focused on moving with you, where you want to go. At times, I may take the lead by offering patterns that likely work better and may even directly provide skills training. However, you are always in charge of your transformation.

What is the biggest mistake you DON'T regret?

Getting stressed out in some major change initiatives when I was an employee. From these situations, I learned about my own fears of control and failure. I also discovered that when I was fearful I couldn’t bring my full self to work. Had I been fully present, I would have found positive resolution much faster than how I responded from a place of fear and stress.

How is your work any more impactful than what is already practiced around the world?

Skills training and high-powered problem solving are not missing from what I do. Frankly, much of the improvement efforts are built on models that do not account for your unique and complex situation. A multi-discipline and multi-modal approach is far more likely to give you the sustainable shift usually sought because it is vastly more comprehensive. You will embody your transformation.

What has this work done for you?

This work has helped me to recognize my own humanness. It has opened me up to far more in the world and in my own personal life than was available before. It continues to deepen my own transformation.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy endless play with my daughters and watching them grow with my wife. I love hiking, camping, reading, watching movies that make me think and feel, and dancing (badly) to a variety of music.