Mini-T (Twelve monthly payments)

$425.00 / month for 12 months

The Mini-T was designed to meet you where you are with your edge and sustainably grow you toward your goal faster and more reliably than you can on your own. The Mini-T is a faster, more reliable and ultimately less taxing way to get you where you want to go.

So how does a Mini-T work? There are 4 steps:

  1. Intake & design – I get the download from you about your challenge. Mostly, I listen as you walk me through what you?re up against and what it?s like to be you. I ask some questions to clarify my understanding. Then I custom design your Mini-T to reach your goal.
  2. SOE & foundation – We meet again in a few days where I offer your Mini-T program to you. Then we collaborate and adjust your Mini-T so it works for you. You then will get your first focus practice and your first longer term, foundation practice.
  3. up to 5 Cycles of transformation – This is the meat of your Mini-T. We get together every 2-3 weeks to register your progress, flesh out insights and start a new focus practice, and perhaps a new foundation as well.
  4. Completion – At the end of your Mini-T, we?ll review and solidify those remaining wobbly parts of your new way in the world. It?s a time to appreciate and celebrate all that you?ve accomplished. I?ll also leave you with a kind of emergency kit should your challenge arise again and overwhelm you.

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Start your Mini-T today!

Are you trying to make a change in your life that sticks? What if you could make a sustainable shift that makes you happier?

Work with a professional coach.

What could you be doing instead being tied up with this challenge? How much more would you get out of your life if you could just successfully make a change this time around?

Well, you CAN make lasting changes and improvements at work and in your life. You know it takes effort and that it CAN be done. You may not realize it but you’ve successfully done this many times before. The difference now may be that you’re at your developmental edge, which makes things much harder to sort out. However, making changes at your edge can be done very effectively with the right tools, process, and timely insights.

We’ll work together in your developmental edge and pushing through to your goal in less time and with a fraction of the effort you’re currently pouring into it by harnessing the power of the Mini-Transformation, or Mini-T.

Hi, I’m Russell Lindquist and together with my clients we engage and work at their developmental edge. Once I encountered coaching personally back in 2011, I embraced it as THE way to be of service to people facing difficult changes. I’m a certified, Integral Professional Coach™ and I work one-on-one with clients to achieve THEIR goals.

The Mini-T is a powerful, hands-on vehicle that is designed to transcend your developmental edge. You’ve probably already been working hard in your edge and invested tons of time, money and energy. If you’re ready to be free of the problems, stress and conflict in your edge then push through with a focused, personable and professional coach. Click the Mini-T enrollment button and let’s get started. I’m looking forward to getting the download and diving in with you! See you soon!